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NutriBiotic products have long been a favorite of ours! We use this GSE liquid concentrate for water purification, as well as killing any nasty microbes. GSE liquid as well as GSE CapsulesPlus have been our first line of defense against any illness for nearly 20 years.
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NutriBiotic® GSE Liquid Concentrate is a natural compound derived from the seed and pulp of grapefruit. This formula is used by healthcare professionals worldwide.


What is the pH of this product? – The Original GSE Liquid Concentrate has a pH of about 2.75 and the Maximum GSE Liquid Concentrate has a pH of about 2.2, which are both very acidic. This is why we recommend you dilute Grapefruit Seed Extract before use.


What about the “grapefruit juice effect”? – There is an effect of grapefruit juice known as the “grapefruit juice effect”. Two components found in grapefruit juice, naringin and naringenin†, inhibit production of an enzyme, thus increasing the rate of absorption for certain classes of drugs. You may want to check with your physician or pharmacist to see if there is any interaction between your medication and the naringin and naringenin*.


*The Original GSE Liquid Concentrate contains only.1% and the Maximum GSE Liquid Concentrate contains only 0.3% of these compounds.

GSE® Liquid Concentrate

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GSE® CapsulesPlus 90 caps $15.95
NutriBiotic® CapsulesPlus is a unique formulation that combines grapefruit seed extract, echinacea angustifolia root, and artemisia annua and is used by healthcare professionals worldwide.


• Vegan
• Made without gluten and GMOs


Each capsule is equal to 12-13 drops of Grapefruit Seed Extract Liquid Concentrate.
This is the perfect antimicrobial for tough cold and flu bugs!

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